Hypnotherapy and Life Coaching with Fern Feldman, NP, CCH

Hello, and welcome.

I have found hypnotherapy to be a deep and powerful tool for transformation. I look forward to sharing it with you!

In hypnotherapy, you are invited to enter a hypnotic altered state of consciousness. However, a hypnotized person always has control and can always hear what’s going on. Hypnotherapy is a powerful way to explore sources of distress and dis-ease, and reconnect with dissociated emotions and disowned parts of the self. It also can help you examine your relationship to longstanding health habits and chronic pain.

Hypnotherapy techniques can help bring you back to wholeness,  back into the flow of life. As a healing practitioner, I will work with you to get at the root of your issues, so you can find long lasting results.


Here are some of the concerns that you can address in hypnotherapy:

Stress management

Pain relief

Habits, Addictions

Smoking Cessation

Weight and food related issues

Sleep related concerns


Grief processing


Preparation for medical and dental procedures

Goals clarification and attainment

I also provide transpersonal life coaching. It is a wonderfully useful modality for discerning what you want, and then actually manifesting it. Please see the tab entitled “Life coaching” for more information!

My practice is a safe and welcoming space for people of all genders, orientations, colors, faiths-and-lack-thereof, and relationship configurations.


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