About Fern

Fern Feldman, NP, CCH is a certified Clinical Hypnotherapist, and a transpersonal life coach, practicing in Seattle, Washington. She was trained at the Wellness Institute in Issaquah, WA in both Heart-Centered Hypnotherapy and being a transpersonal life coach. She is a certified member of the National Guild of Hypnotists. In addition, she is a Family Nurse Practitioner, a spiritual director, and a rabbi. Fern has worked in the healing arts for over 30 years.


“Fern is awesome. I’ve had hypnotherapy before, and her sessions are both deeper and more grounded than anything I’ve experienced before. They have proven truly transformative. I feel like I was working with her and with the divine to heal very old wounds in a way which demonstrably shifted my current reality. Fern has the ability to recruit my cooperation and participation in my own healing. Certain addictive behaviors have lessened dramatically since our recent session. I recommend her.”
–AW, Seattle

“I don’t believe in magical tricks and I don’t really even believe in hypnotism. But I gave it a try. I have been an inveterate pot smoker for a bazillion years, and was totally out of control with my impulses, like 30 to 40 cravings per day and at least ten smoking sessions per day for a long long time. I mean like years. Fern spent about an hour and a half with me and I walked out loving her, of course, but in complete conviction that I would return to pot smoking ten minutes later. Well, it has been three full weeks and I have not had one single puff of pot or anything else. My cravings dropped from 40 a day to about three per week, and they were so brief, they just flew away. I still cannot believe how helpful the session with Fern was and how easily I have avoided pot all this time. We shall see if it works over a longer period of time, but my lungs and brain have been thanking me profusely already for the relief I have given them. If you have ANY inclination to help yourself with Fern’s hypnosis skills, don’t walk RUN to her as fast as possible. What have you got to lose? From serious skeptic to full on believer in one session.”
–PH, Bremerton, WA

“Our session was very helpful in making clearer to me the connection between my great feeling of being overwhelmed and stuck, and the powerlessness and neglect and pain I experienced early in life. Thank you for lifting and lightening my spirit.”
–SL, Seattle, WA

“When I first began my hypnotherapy sessions with Fern, my goal was to discover practical relaxation techniques, which could help me deal more effectively with an ongoing, stressful situation I faced. I had never tried hypnotherapy and was unsure if it would help. I indeed left my sessions with useful techniques but, even more importantly, under Fern’s gentle guidance, I felt safe enough to connect with some of the underlying causes of my anxiety and this proved even more helpful. I’m so glad I decided to have hypnotherapy with Fern.”
–SR, Santa Cruz, CA

Here is a partial list of Fern’s professional training:

  • Clinical Hypnotherapist, certified in Heart-Centered Hypnotherapy by the Wellness Institute, 2016.
  • Family Nurse Practitioner, University of Washington, 1990
  • Reiki—Level I, 1989 and Level II, 1994
  • Rabbinic ordination from Aleph: Alliance for Jewish Renewal, 2003
  • Spiritual Director, certified by Yedidya program of Morei Derekh, 2007
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