About Hypnotherapy

What is Hypnotherapy?

In hypnotherapy, we open the doorway to the subconscious mind. In our sessions, I will guide you in developing stronger inner resources for helping you with life challenges, and you will most likely have an opportunity to explore how issues that arise in your current life are connected to earlier experiences you can revisit. You will then be able to examine early conclusions and decisions you made, and re-evaluate them.

What is Heart-Centered Hypnotherapy (HCH)?
Developed at the Wellness Institute, HCH is a highly effective treatment model that addresses body, mind, and spirit. Heart-Centered Hypnotherapy leads clients down their own profoundly exciting road to self-discovery

Hypnotherapy is not intended to replace your mental health or medical practitioners, rather to be used along with whatever medical and other programs you are following.  This is in no way diagnosing, or prescribing for, any physical, psychological, or mental ailment.

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