Life coaching

In coaching, you get to align with your own strengths and values, develop the vision and empowerment to follow what you are called to do, and really move toward your goals. I especially love working with people who are aiming to make the world a better place.

I also have a special interest in dream work—we can work on opening up your understanding of your dreams, both literal and metaphorical.

A lot of the time we walk through life half asleep, not fully engaged, and then we are not able to feel completely, or be as effective in the world as we could be if we were more present.

A good portion of coaching involves considering big questions, and exploring inner experiences in ways that cause us to be much more awake, and clear about what we want.

What do you think? How awake do you feel?

Coaching can help you with:

  • discerning your goals, and then reaching them
  • career choices
  • finding meaningful ways to contribute to social change
  • dream work
  • mid-life transitions
  • living a healthier lifestyle
  • sleep issues
  • preparing for hypnotherapy
  • applying hypnotherapy, and other, realizations to life